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▶ Where can I rent a parking spot / book a sauna hour?

You usually rent a parking spot through the property maintenance company. If there are parking spots / sauna hours available in the housing association, you can send an application to the home page. of the housing association. You can also contact the property maintenance company at the address you find at the home page, at the bulletin board of your housing association or the letter you received when you moved in.

If in doubt, you can check the availability of parking spots with our rental service at asunnot@newsec.fi, tel. 010 389 6049 or with our chat service at https://kodisto.fi.

▶ Is it possible for residents of an apartment to have separate leases?

For each apartment we enter into one single rental agreement with a maximum of two main tenants. If the number of residents is greater, and you want to have separate rental agreements, the main tenant(s) can enter into a sub-tenancy agreement with each of the other residents.

▶ Is subletting an apartment allowed?

You can sublet up to half of your apartment without the consent of the lessor. Submit relevant information on your subtenant to the maintenance company for updating the register of occupants, and to the rent administration for an update of the water charge. We do not need any copy of your subletting agreement The main tenant is responsible for the rented apartment; when the lease of the main tenant expires, so does that of the subtenant.

▶ Can I sub-lease the apartment?

Subleasing the apartment is forbidden.

▶ How can I terminate the rental agreement?

To be valid, a notice of termination must be in writing.

The most convenient way to terminate is to do it electronically here, and to sign it using your online bank identifiers. If you don’t have bank identifiers, you can use the termination form you find here. We cannot accept termination by email or telephone.

Please note, that if the rental agreement was co-signed by another person, the notice of termination of the agreement must be signed by both co-signatories during the same calendar month in order to be valid.

▶ How long is the period of notice?

The period of notice is one full calendar month.

The period of notice begins on the last day of the month during which a representative of the lessor has received a notice of termination. Refer to your rental agreement or check the matter at our rental service at asunnot@newsec.fi.

▶ To whom can I submit a fault report?

Send all fault reports to the property maintenance company. Send an electronic fault report here.

▶ Moving in inspection

The apartment has already been inspected by the property manager before moving in. When moving in, the tenant may carry out an inspection of the apartment and if necessary report any shortcomings and living marks in the apartment to the e-mail isannointi@newsec.fi. We will record the reported deficiencies in our records for future moving out inspection.

▶ Where can I order a statement from the register of occupants?

The maintenance company will provide a statement from the register of occupants.

▶ To whom and how can I report disturbing neighbours?

When it comes to the disturbances at the property, we recommend kindly discussing the issue with those concerned. Noise carries easily in the apartment buildings and it might often be that your neighbor is not even aware of the fact that their loud music or barking dog is causing disturbance to others.

However, if the disturbance is serious or reoccurs often, please send us an official report of disturbance by email at isannointi@newsec.fi. We do not handle disturbance reports over the phone.

So that we can process the report properly, the email is required to include the apartment concerned, exact dates and times of the disturbance and short description of the situation. The apartment concerned is good to confirm from the corridor before contacting us about the issue. It would also be a good idea to discuss the matter with other neighbors and ask them to write us an report of disturbance by email as well. This would therefore provide us stronger evidence on the incident.

During night- time, please call the police to quiet down the situation if necessary. Please notice that we do not get information automatically from the public authorities, like police, concerning the incidents at the property.

▶ I have lost the key to my home, what should I do?

If the key is lost, and there is a risk that the key could be abused, the lock should be changed by a locksmith. The tenant is liable for the cost incurred. Please contact our property management at isannointi@newsec.fi

If you prefer not to have the lock changed, but order an extra key instead, you have to leave that key at no charge to the locksmith’s when moving out. The extra key does not compensate for the lost key. If one of the keys to an apartment is lost, the lock to that apartment will be changed when the tenant moves out, at the latest. The tenant will be charged the cost incurred.

It is a good idea to discuss with your home insurance company whether the insurance can cover the changing of locks after the loss of a key.

▶ Where do I return the keys?

All original keys and any extra keys made during the occupancy must be returned to the locksmith’s by 12.00 noon on the day after the termination of the rental agreement.

Parking permits, the key to the car heater outlet and any other parking keys must be returned. You will have to pay for any keys that you fail to return. You will receive separate information on return addresses.

▶ How to contact tenant customer service?

• Residential Housing management matters: please call on weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm tel +358 10 389 6002 or e-mail isannointi@newsec.fi

• Rent payment matters: please call on weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm tel +358 10 389 6003 or e-mail vuokrahallinto@newsec.fi

• Apartments owned by OP Group please call on weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm tel +358 207 428 631 in rent payment matters or e-mail opvuokrahallinto@newsec.fi

• Apartments owned by Keskinäinen Työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Elo please call on weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm tel +358 10 389 6070 in rent payment matters or e-mail eloasuntovuokrat@newsec.fi

• Apartments owned by Nordea Henkivakuutus please call on weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm tel +358 10 389 6085 in rent payment matters or e-mail nordea.vuokrahallinto@newsec.fi.

• Apartments owned by Keskinäinen Työeläkevakuutusyhtiö Varma please call on weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm tel +358 10 244 7006 in rent payment matters or e-mail vuokravalvonta@varma.fi.

▶ Death of a tenant

When a tenant dies, the tenancy continues on the same terms and conditions, and the liability for fulfilling the terms of the rental contract, such as the payment of rent, is transferred to the deceased’s estate. When a tenant dies, the rental contract will not be automatically terminated, but must be terminated by the deceased’s estate. The period of notice of a rental contract is, according to the terms and condition of that contract, one full calendar month.

The rental contract must be terminated in writing, either on an electronic termination form or using a printed form. If you use the electronic notice of termination, please state ‘death’ under Further information. Termination of the rental contract requires the consent of all owners of the deceased’s estate. If all owners of the deceased’s estate have not signed the notice of termination, a power of attorney is required from all those who have not signed the notice of termination. Besides the power of attorney, an official certificate or another certificate showing the owners of the deceased’s estate and the date of death of the deceased tenant, is required.

If the deceased tenant had rented the apartment together with another person, the deceased’s estate and the other tenant still living in the apartment may terminate the rental contract together or each severally for their own part. The other tenant living in the apartment has the right to continue the tenancy in lieu of the deceased’s estate. In this case, the tenant remaining in the apartment just has to produce the official certificate of the deceased tenant; this ends the deceased’s estate’s liability for the fulfilment of the terms and conditions of the tenancy, which is transferred to the tenant remaining in the apartment. A spouse living in the apartment, a child belonging to the family as well as a parent of the deceased tenant or their spouse shall have the same right to continue the rental contract. The person wishing to continue the tenancy must declare their wish to do so to the landlord within three months of the death of the deceased tenant.


▶ Who owns the rental apartments that Newsec brokers and manages?

Typically, our customers are housing funds, pension companies and foundations; large, institutional property owners who have outsourced the management of their property portfolios to Newsec. Our tenants can thus trust that their tenancy will be secure and professionally managed throughout its duration.

▶ Can I handle housing matters for another person?

If you are acting for someone else, we need a written and signed power of attorney You can submit a scanned image of the power of attorney by secured e-mail, or by mail to Newsec at Newsec Asuntovuokraus, PL 52, 00101 Helsinki.

Instruction for sending secured e-mail: Go to: https://www.turvaposti.fi/viesti/asunnot@newsec.fi

In the window that opens, write your email address, to which a request for confirmation is sent from the server of the secured email server, in the top field of the view that opens. Write the message and enclose any attachment you want to send.

You can approve the password suggested for the mailing or create your own password. Send the password to the recipient (asunnot@newsec.fi) by normal email, NOT by SMS as the program suggests.

Click ”lähetä” (send).

You will receive a request for confirmation to your email address, that you have to acknowledge by clicking the link provided in the message. Your message will be sent to the recipient after this acknowledgement.

▶ Can a company rent an apartment?

We do lease apartments to companies, submit an application providing information on the company.

▶ Is a bond acceptable as security?

For the great majority of our rental apartments we accept bonds as security; please check this in advance with our rental service at asunnot@newsec.fi, tel. 010 389 6049 or with our chat service at https://kodisto.fi.

▶ How can I have a look at a prospective home?

The offer for an apartment includes information on how to agree on a showing. The offer for an apartment is valid for two days, during which time you have to have a look at the apartment.

▶ Why don’t I get offers?

We check the credit records of all our applicants, and a payment default entry in the applicant's credit record will prevent the offering of a non-subsidised rental apartment. We can offer a home only to applicants that have a Finnish identity code.

▶ How do I apply for an apartment?

Read about our offering at https://kodisto.fi, where you can submit an application for the apartment that you find interesting. You can submit a general application for housing here. We will process your application on the first weekday after submission, and if we can offer you an apartment, you will receive an offer by e-mail. Even if we cannot offer you an apartment immediately, we will inform you of the status of your application by email.

Your application will remain stored in our system for three months, so just contact our customer service at asunnot@newsec.fi, if you find an apartment that interests you. During those three months, you don’t have to submit further applications.

▶ Contact us for more information on weekdays from 8.30 am to 4 pm

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