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Terminating a tenancy agreement and moving out

Moving to another location? Presumably you have applied for a new suitable apartment through Kodisto? We will gladly help you find another home through us, and we will do our best to assist you at the various stages of moving to a new home.

Moving house is associated with lots of things to remember. On this page we have collected the basic practical things that you should consider when moving to another location. Please read the instructions carefully, and contact us if you have any questions.

▶ Termination

To be valid, a notice of termination of the rental agreement must be in writing. The notice of termination must be signed by the tenant(s). Identification using your banking codes corresponds to a written signature, so the easiest way to terminate the rental agreement is to do it on-line here. We do not accept termination by email or telephone.


If the rental agreement is in the names of two people, both of them must sign the notice of termination. If only one of the tenants is moving, that person must terminate the rental agreement for their own part. This can also be done using the electronic termination form. Both tenants must sign the notice of termination in this case as well.

As a rule, we process the notice of termination of your rental agreement in one day. Having processed your notice of termination, we send you a confirmation of the termination and instructions for moving out.

If you are not able to use the electronic notice of termination, you’ll find the termination form here. Fill out and sign the form to Kodisto, either by letter addressed to Newsec Property Asset Management Finland Oy, Asuntovuokraus, PL 52, 00101 HKI or scan it and send it by email to asunnot@newsec.fi.

▶ How long is the period of notice?

The period of notice of your rental agreement is stated in the terms and conditions of your rental agreement. The period of notice is one full calendar month. The rental agreement will end on the last day of the month immediately following the month during which the notice of termination was sent; a rental agreement terminated in October will end on the last day of November.

Please note that you do not have to wait until the end of the month to send the notice of termination; you can send it as soon as you know when you would like to move out.

▶ Showing the apartment and final inspection

During the period of notice customers of ours may contact you for a chance to see your apartment. These prospective new tenants will contact you by phone for a brief look at the apartment If you don’t want to provide your telephone number or if you cannot be present, a representative of the lessor is, according to the Act on Residential Leases, entitled to showing the apartment. You will receive an advance notice of the showing, but please note that the representative of the lessor will show the apartment at a time determined by the lessor.

A representative of Newsec will perform a removal inspection of your apartment. This inspection will take place no less than two weeks prior to the termination of the rental agreement. We will confirm the date and time of the inspection by an SMS or otherwise. The inspectors will let themselves in with a master key if you are not at home at the time. Please agree on another time, if the one suggested is not convenient.

If you have a dog or another pet that could interfere with the inspection, your presence is mandatory.

All safety locks must be left open on the date of inspection.

The purpose of the inspection is, among other things, to establish whether the apartment has been subjected to damage beyond the so-called reasonable wear and tear of living, and to determine the repair/cost for which the tenant is liable.

▶ Where do I return the keys?

All original keys and any extra keys made during the occupancy must be returned to the locksmith’s by 12.00 noon on the day after the termination of the rental agreement.

Parking permits, the key to the car heater outlet and any other parking keys must be returned. You will have to pay for any keys that you fail to return. You will receive separate information on return addresses.

▶ Final cleaning

According to good rental practice the apartment and any other facilities used by virtue of the rental agreement shall be returned empty, in good repair and cleaned.

Do not remove any equipment and accessories belonging to the apartment, such as the key to the windows, the ceiling sockets and the fire detector. You will be invoiced for any missing items.

Leave all instructions relating to the appliances in the apartment.

Dispose of all hazardous waste, pieces of furniture and other pieces of property in compliance with the waste disposal code of the city. Any cost for waste disposal incurred by the property may be deducted from your security deposit, or you will be invoiced later.

If you have had a dishwasher of your own installed in the apartment, please remember to reinstall the original cabinet after disconnecting and removing the dishwasher. Also make sure that the water and drain connections are plugged. The cost of a missing cabinet or plugging may be deducted from your safety deposit. The property managers will provide further instructions.

Any wall fasteners will be regarded as reasonable wear and tear. Do not remove any hook and plugs, and do not attempt to repair any dents in the walls.

Here you will find a checklist for the tasks included in the final cleaning:


Please read the list carefully.

Failure to perform the final cleaning will cause the security deposit to be withheld, or an invoice to be sent, You will find more information on this below under “Release of security deposit...”

Please also check out the move-out cleaning service offered by our partner Sivina here: Sivina move-out cleaning

Please make sure that you insert Kodisto’s EI MAINOKSIA notice or equivalent in the mail drop of your door. You can conveniently print one here.

▶ Release of security deposit upon termination

Your deposit will be returned to you in full to an account stated by you within two weeks from the termination of your rental agreement, if you have returned all keys to the apartment, cleaned the apartment and other facilities you may have had at your disposal, and no damage beyond reasonable wear and tear was found at the final inspection of the apartment. All payments relating to the apartment must be paid before the security deposit is returned to you.

You have, of course, known that tenants are obliged to care for and properly maintain the apartment in which they live. You find the security tariff here. The rates quoted in the tariff will be applied when the tenant is invoiced for damages caused by the tenant’s negligence, improper handling or neglected maintenance. This tariff is approximate; special and exceptional cases will be invoiced. The tariff is valid through the year indicated, and it will be reviewed at yearend each year.

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